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Support for Every Student!

The University of Mississippi

Every Rebel Matters!

The University of Mississippi cares about you …

UMatter serves as the official site for finding resources and information on how to care for your fellow Rebels when they are in distress.

Through this website, students, faculty, staff and parents may provide assistance to fellow students and colleagues by taking action. Should you see signs of a person of concern, in distress or who simply needs assistance, know that resources are available through this website.

Remember, every Rebel matters.


Alcohol and Drug Info
Know someone struggling with substance abuse? Click here for more info.
Bias/Hate Incidents
Reporting/support resources available for bias/hate victims.
Click here to file a complaint or grievance.
Concerning Behavior
Support your fellow Rebels who may be exhibiting concerning behavior.
RebAlerts and Safety Info
Your safety is our top priority. Know what to do in the event of emergency.
Sexual Assault
Support, resources are available for victims of sexual misconduct.
Click here for more information on hazing and resources.
M Book
For policy information, please click here to access the University of Mississippi M-Book.


How We Can Help

As a community that cares about our fellow Rebels, we want to provide all students, faculty and staff with assistance during times of need. See how our referral process works.