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The University of Mississippi

Disruptions in the Classroom

A disruptive student can be seen making threats to himself/herself and sometimes contemplates suicide or takes suicidal actions but is unwilling to accept help. This person tends to be disruptive to the living or learning environment and shows unusual behavior or communication.

Warning signs include:

  • Verbal hostility
  • Aggression
  • Disregard for classroom conduct
  • Disorganized or jumbled speech
  • Rambling thoughts
  • Irrational beliefs or fears
  • Disconnect with reality
  • Threatening letters
  • Harassment
  • Stalking behavior
  • Suicidal thoughts or threats toward others on social media or through email

If there is an immediate concern for the safety of the student or others, call UPD at 662-915-4911 or dial 911.

If safety is not an immediate concern, fill out a Person of Concern referral form.