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UMatter’s Process for Receiving and Responding to Referrals

Making a Referral

The referral process begins by completing a CARE Referral. Once a referral is made about a student of concern, a staff member from UMatter will review the information and may contact you for additional information about the student.


Please know that anonymity cannot be guaranteed, although staff uses discretion when discussing a concern with an individual. A referral may be completed without including a reporter’s name; however, you are strongly encouraged to provide your name and contact information to allow staff members to call or email you with additional questions about your referral.

What Happens Next?

Referrals are monitored during business hours. Once a referral is received, a UMatter staff member will gather additional information, as needed, and may reach out to the referred student by email or phone call. In many cases, UMatter case managers meet with students to provide support and referrals to campus and community resources. Case managers often follow up with students a week or two after a meeting to check in and to offer further assistance in connecting with resources. 

Case managers also assist students in navigating academic options and University policies & procedures. UMatter helps students with withdrawal and re-entry and provides support following a psychiatric hospitalization.

Need to make a referral? Click here.

If you would like to consult regarding a student of concern, please call UMatter at 662-915-7248.

Any urgent reports need to go to the University Police Department or 911.