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What is the Behavioral Intervention Team?

The Behavioral Intervention Team, or BIT, at the University of Mississippi exists to address behavioral concerns that do not support the faculty’s pursuit of the university’s academic function and are not addressed by an existing agency at Ole Miss. Included behaviors are repeated threats of suicide, violence against others, violent behavior, or aberrant or strange behavior.

Who is on the Behavioral Intervention Team?

The team consists of representatives of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (chair), the University Police Department (UPD), the Provost’s Office, the Registrar’s Office, the University Counseling Center, the University Attorney’s Office, and the Office of the Dean of Students. Click here to see all members.

Is the reporting process anonymous?

Please know that anonymity cannot be guaranteed, although staff uses discretion when discussing a concern with an individual. A report may be completed without including a reporter’s name; however, you are strongly encouraged to provide your name and contact information to allow staff members to call or email you with additional questions about your report.

Who is considered a Person of Concern?

A person of concern can be a member of any UM constituency (faculty, staff or student) dealing with an emotional, psychological or physical crisis that may interfere with his or her ability to continue attending classes or working at the University of Mississippi.

When should I report someone?

It’s best to report anyone who is acting out of character or acting unusual. Please see these signs of distress.