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Support for Every Student!

The University of Mississippi

Helping My Student

Family members may have questions and concerns about the behavior and well-being of their students while they are away from home and attending the University of Mississippi.

Here are some frequent concerns of parents and other family members and ways to address those concerns:


Many students experience homesickness when they first arrive at the university. The University Counseling Center (662-915-3784) offers free services for students and is a great resource for those experiencing homesickness, anxiety, depression, etc. A parent or family member may fill out a CARE Report, describing the situation, and a staff member in UMatter: Student Support & Advocacy will follow up with the student.

Family Emergency

Students who need to go home due to emergencies such as a sudden illness or death in the family usually will miss course work. Students should contact their instructors to make up missed assignments, but if they are not able to reach their instructors, they may call UMatter: Student Support & Advocacy and request that a staff member send an Absence from Class notification to the instructors.


If a student is extremely sick and has been hospitalized, then a parent or family member may contact instructors to discuss the student’s course standing. The next option would be to fill out a CARE Report form. A staff member from UMatter: Student Support & Advocay will contact the student’s instructors and will be able to answer any further questions.

Faculty Member of Concern

If your student says an instructor is acting strange in class and believes there is an immediate concern for the safety of the instructor or others, call UPD at 662-915-4911 or dial 911. If safety is not an immediate concern, fill out a CARE Report, and describe the instructor’s behavior.

Academic Issues

If your student is failing one or more classes, it is best for the student to talk to his/her instructor(s). Encourage the student to communicate with the instructor(s) about options. In many cases, the instructor(s) may have tutoring suggestions or additional assignments the student could complete. If you would like a staff member in the UMatter:  Student Support & Advocacy to follow up with your student, fill out a CARE Report and describe the situation.

Change in Behavior

If your student has been sounding or suddenly sounds depressed or angry during conversations with you, let him or her know about the University Counseling Center. It is a free resource available for students. Or fill out a CARE Report to have a staff member in UMatter: Student Support & Advocacy follow up with the student.

More questions?

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